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Ex ante evaluation of PFEIL 2014-2020

Keywords of ex ante evaluation
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Keywords of ex ante evaluation

Ex ante evaluation of the Rural Development Programme in Lower Saxony and Bremen 2014 - 2020

Is the new Rural Development Programme appropriate to support rural development in Lower Saxony and Bremen? Have the right instruments been selected and are they shaped in a manner that targets set until 2020 can be fulfilled? This is what we have to evaluate.

Background and Objective

In 2014 a new support period of the European Agricultural Funds for Rural Development (EAFRD) starts. The federal states Lower Saxony and Bremen together prepare a Rural Development Programme based on the new EAFRD Regulation. This programme will be financed jointly by the EAFRD, Germany, and the federal states. Before the EU Commission accepts the programme, it must be assessed by independent evaluators.


Ex ante evaluation deals with different evaluation questions, e.g., if the programme is composed logically, if selected support measures are necessary and target-oriented, how progress and results of the programme can be measured, and if the set target can be fulfilled. The Thünen Institute and entera (a consulting agency) are working together in this accompanying process for Lower Saxony and Bremen. This Evaluation will finish with an evaluation report. 

Data and Methods

The evaluation is based on documents which are provided by Lower Saxony and Bremen. Major evaluation methods are the analysis of documents, visualisation of progamme logics and structures as well as model calculations and checks for plausibility, considering evaluation results on anterior programmes


The evaluation results are continuously handed over to the programming authorities and discussed in joint meetings, allowing for immediate improvement of the programme drafts. The final evaluation report summarizes the results and evaluation activities. The report (including a summary in English) is published on

Involved external Thünen-Partners

  • entera
    (Hannover, Deutschland)

Funding Body

  • Bundesland Niedersachsen
    (national, öffentlich)


11.2012 - 9.2015

More Information

Project status: finished

Publications to the project

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    Tietz A, Horlitz T, Eberhardt W, Fährmann B, Grajewski R, Raue P, Reiter K, Röder N, Sander A (2015) Ex-ante-Bewertung von PFEIL 2014-2020 : Programm zur Förderung der Entwicklung im ländlichen Raum. Braunschweig: Thünen-Institut, 215 p

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