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Braunschweig Food Council founded on 07.11.2022!

The working groups "Food waste", "Community catering in municipal day-care centres and schools", "Contacts with local producers and local FoodCoops", "Edible city", "Nutrition education" and "Further development of structures and guidelines" are starting now.

The photo shows Johanna Schott at the founding event of the ERBSL in front of the event presentation, which includes the logo of the Thünen Institute.
© Felicitas Schneider

Preparations for the founding of a food council in Braunschweig already started at the end of 2021. The founding team also includes Johanna Schott and Felicitas Schneider from the Thünen Institute of Market Analysis. On 07.11.2022 the time had come: with 61 founders, the Food Council Braunschweig and Braunschweiger Land (ERBSL) was launched, modelled on existing food councils. The ERBSL is financially supported by the city of Braunschweig. The aim is to make the food supply more sustainable and socially just.

Cooperation with the initiators of the ERBSL (Transition Town, Fridays for Future and the Regional Energy and Climate Protection Agency) came about through joint public events such as "Braunschweig rettet Lebensmittel" (Braunschweig saves food), Disco Soups as well as Apple Day (collecting and pressing apples originating from public trees), at which Felicitas Schneider and Johanna Schott, together with colleagues, ran stands on the topic of food loss and waste in Braunschweig.

Felicitas Schneider is an expert on food waste and spokesperson for the ERBSL working group food waste, which was founded during the event. Johanna Schott is active in the field of global food supply and nutrition and sees Germany as part of the world facing very similar challenges in the field of food supply and nutrition as they exist in other countries. She brings her expertise in global food supply to the ERBSL advisory board. Felicitas Schneider and Johanna Schott are involved in ERBSL because "it is important for us to initiate change at the local level". The ERBSL and its working groups are open to all interested parties - participation is welcome!

Further information related to ERBSL(in German only)

Protocol from the funding meeting(in German only)

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