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Call for Papers: Clever strategies against food wastage

Together with the journal "Sustainability", the Thünen Institute is working on a special issue on the subject of food waste. In terms of content, it is primarily concerned with national strategies for the prevention and monitoring of food waste.

Food loss and waste is a global challenge and leads to negative environmental, social and economic impact. Several specialist Thünen Institutes contribute to the topic and elaborate appropriate solution concepts supporting politics and practice. In addition to national cooperation projects (such as Refowas, Elofos, Dialogue Forum on Wholesale and Retail Trade, national FLW baseline), coordinated by Thomas Schmidt from the Thünen Institute of Rural Studies, Stefan Lange as research coordinator and Felicitas Schneider from the Thünen Institute of Market Analysis are mainly active in an international context with Collaboration Initiative Food Loss and Waste.

Jointly, our staff members are now calling for submission of papers addressing „National Food Loss and Waste Prevention Strategies and Monitoring approaches – an interdisciplinary challenge for decision makers, researchers and practice“. Submitted papers are obliged to pass a review process and will be published within a special issue of “Sustainability” as soon as they pass the review. More information is available at the “Sustainability” website. Submissions are possible from now on, until May 15th, 2021 latest. There is a publication fee for authors; the papers are published open access.


Stefan Lange, Thünen Institute research coordinator

Felicitas Schneider, Thünen Institute of Market Analysis

Thomas Schmidt, Thünen Institute of Rural Studies

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