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Ukraine war: grain silos in the countryside
Implementation of the EU crisis measure according to Art. 219 CMO - Effects of the price increase as a result of the Ukraine war on the various agricultural sectors - Statement for the BMEL

On 24 March 2022, the European Commission published the above-mentioned crisis measure under Article 219 of the CMO. It is a response to the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on European farmers.

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Wind turbines behind a rapeseed field
Online survey: How do you strategically position yourself as an agricultural entrepreneur?

Climate change, African swine fever, fluctuating producer prices, high input prices, new consumer habits - the framework conditions are currently very uncertain for many agricultural businesses and confronts them with major challenges.

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Hiltrud Nieberg
Federal Minister Özdemir reappoints Dr Hiltrud Nieberg to the Scientific Advisory Council for Agricultural Policy

Dir. and Prof. Dr. Hiltrud Nieberg, Director of the Thünen Institute of Farm Economics, was appointed by Federal Minister Cem Özdemir to the Scientific Advisory Board for Agricultural Policy, Nutrition and Consumer Health Protection (WBAE) for a renewed term of office.

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