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Institute of

BD Biodiversity

Dr. Parastoo Mahdavi

Institute of Biodiversity

Bundesallee 65
38116 Braunschweig

Fields of activity

  • Agroecology
  • Biodiversity

Main research interests

  • Vegetation ecology
  • Phytosociology
  • Sand dune ecosystem
  • Biodiversity of grasslands, pastures and agricultural landscapes
  • Nature conservation studies


Involved in


  • 2017: Ph.D. in Vegetation Ecology, Department of Vegetation Analysis and Phytodiversity, University of Göttingen. Dissertation: “Vegetation and functional diversity of sand dune habitats between and within different bioclimatic regions”
  • 2007: M.Sc. in Plant Biology, Ecology-Systematic, University of Tehran Thesis: “Phytosociological study of montane and submontane zones of Tuchal Mountain, N. Tehran”
  • 2004: B.Sc. in Plant biology, University of Esfahan

Research activities

  • from 2021: Postdoc researcher at Thünen institute for Biodiversity, project: Agroecology for Europe (AE4EU). Financed by EU.
  • 2018-2020: Postdoc researcher at University of Oldenburg, project: Biotopverbund Grasland. Financed by DBU.
  • 2017: Contributing in monitoring the plant diversity in conventional farming system of the F.R.A.N.Z. project (University of Göttingen).
  • 2015-2017: research assistance for teaching different courses at department of Vegetation analysis & Phytodiversity (University of Göttingen).
  • 2013-2015: Mapping and monitoring of the vegetation in the Natura 2000 sites of Crete, Greece (Universität Göttingen & Athen).
  • 2011-2013: Research assistance in different ecological courses and project, department of Vegetation analysis & Phytodiversity (University of Göttingen).
  • 2009-2010: Contributing in the Floristic study of Southwest Iran (Khuzestan province) with emphasis on the conservation of natural vegetation around the Petrochemical complexes, (University of Tehran).
  • 2008: Research project on the global phylogeny of the genus Heliotropium (Boraginaceae) in the Jodrell laboratory (Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, London).


  • Buchwald, R., Kretzschmar, N., Mahdavi, P. et al. (2021): Entwicklung und Umsetzung eines Grünland-Biotopverbundsystems in Agrarlandschaften der Landkreise Ammerland, Oldenburg und Wesermarsch. Abschlussbericht. Online verfügbar unter
  • Woesner, E. & Mahdavi P. (2021): Biotopverbund Grasland ein Netzwerk für mehr Artenvielfalt, Anleitung zur Entwicklung eines Biotopverbunds im Grasland. Broschüre, 1. Auflage. Klimaneutral Druckprodukt. Auch zum Download verfügbar unter
  • Tordoni, E., Bacaro, G., ..., Mahdavi, P. et al. (2020): Disentangling native and alien plant diversity in coastal sand dune ecosystems worldwide. J Veg. Sc.
  • Bruelheide, H., Dengler, J., ..., Mahdavi, P. et al. (2019): sPlot – a new tool for global vegetation analyses. Journal of Vegetation Science. 30:161–186.
  • Mahdavi, P. & Bergmeier, E. (2018): Distribution of C4 plants in sand habitats of different climatic regions. Folia Geobotanica. 53: 201-211.
  • Mahdavi, P., Isermann M. & Bergmeier, E. (2017): Sand habitats across biogeographical regions at species, community and functional level. Phytocoenologia 47: 139-165.
  • Mahdavi, P. & Bergmeier, E. (2016): Plant functional traits and diversity in sand dune ecosystems across different biogeographic regions. Acta Oecologica. 74: 37-45.
  • Akhani, H., Mahdavi, P., Noroozi, J. & Zarrinpour, V. (2013): Vegetation patterns of the Irano-Turanian steppe along a 3000 m altitudinal gradients in the Alborz Mountains of Northern Iran. Folia Geobotanica. 48 (2): 229-255.
  • Mahdavi, P. & Akhani, H. van der Maarel, E. (2013): Species diversity and life form patterns along 3000 m altitudinal gradient in the steppe vegetation of southern slopes of the Alborz Mountains, Iran. Folia Geobotanica. 48 (1): 7-22.
  • Akhani, H., Malekmohammadi, M., Mahdavi, P. & Chase, M. W. (2013): Phylogenetic relationship based on nrDNA ITS sequences resolve species delimitation and relationship of the Irano-Turanian lineage of the genus Limonium (Plumbaginaceae). Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society. 171: 519-550.
  • Akhani, H., Chatrenoor, T., Dehghani, M., Khoshravesh, R., Mahdavi, P. & Matinzadeh, Z. (2012) A new species of Bienertia (Chenopodiaceae) from Iranian salt deserts: a third species of the genus and discovery of a fourth terrestrial C4 plant without Kranz anatomy. Plant Biosystems. 146 (3): 550-559.
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