Spatial data infrastructure

There are many possibilities and formats for saving spatial data and describing its content. For this reason, it can be very complicated to combine geo data from various areas. In recent years the government and scientists have recognized this problem and have drafted new solution concepts. For example, the EU guideline INSPIRE provides a detailed framework for the development of an European infrastructure to make data ready so that it will, in the future, be faster, more frequent and easier to use.

Since 2010 we have been building a spatial data infrastructure (Thünen SDI; German: Thünen GDI) to facilitate access to our data by the public and by our research partners. The Thünen SDI will be permanently expanded with new data and serves as an interface, among other things, to the German and the SDI of the German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture (GDI-BMEL).

The planning and implementation of the Thünen SDI is coordinated by the "Forest Data Center" of the Thünen Institute of Forest Ecosystems. In this manner it will be easier to draw in research partners and to make public data transparent. Further Information on the available data can be found directly on our metadata portal.