MAGNET in brief

MAGNET (Modular Applied General Equilibrium Tool) is a general equilibrium model with  the GTAP database and model at its core. It covers all sectors of an economy with a particular focus on agriculture and related sectors. The model takes national and international interactions between all markets and agents into account.


Numeric simulation model

Main use

Analysis of international and regional trade agreements as well as biofuel and agricultural policies

Important partners

LEI-Wageningen UR, The Hague, European Commission (DG JRC-IPTS), Sevilla

Special features

Extensions of the GTAP model

  • Improved representation of agricultural land markets
  • Detailed representation of biofuel sectors
  • EU agricultural policy
  • Flexible production structure
  • Flexible consumption structure
  • Differentiation of labor and capital for agricultural and non-agricultural uses
  • Specification of investments

Extensions of the GTAP database

  • Rapeseed
  • Soybeans
  • Corn
  • Crop protection


GTAP database: version 9 with base year 2011; other sources are for example IEA, FAO, World Bank and USDA

Regions / Countries

140 regions including all 28 EU member states


68 sectors with 15 primary agricultural sectors and 15 agricultural processing sectors

Agricultural policies and instruments

Tariffs, production quotas, direct payments, biofuel blending mandates


Bilateral trade matrices, Armingtion assumption

Endogenous variables

Prices and quantities of national and international product and factor markets; income and welfare effects, gross domestic product

Exogenous variables

Policy variables (e.g. tariffs, taxes, subsidies, quotas), elasticities, technical coefficients, population, endowment factors



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