Child care

The kindergarden "Krümelkiste" is located directly on-site the Thünen campus in Braunschweig

More information about child care, education and living in Braunschweig on "Braunschweig best choice".

CJD International School Braunschweig-Wolfsburg

Information about child care in Hamburg on "Hamburg/Kitas" (in German).


"Es geht um die Balance zwischen Freiraum und Lernen"
An interview with an apprentice trainer and her last apprentice in the Thünen-Institute in Waldsieversdorf
(in German)

(Source: Wissenschaft erleben 2013/2)

Archive of Job Offers

Lapsed job offers of the Thünen Institute

Scientist (m/f/d) 19-074-BD-engl

Scientist (m/f/d) 19-075-BD-engl

Scientist (m/f/d) 19-076-BD-engl

Scientist (m/f/d) 19-077-BD-engl

PhD Student (m/f/d) 19-078-BD-engl

PhD Student (m/f/d) 19-080-BD-engl

Scientist (m/f/d) 19-081-BD-engl

PhD Student (m/f/d) 19-082-BD-engl

PhD Student (m/f/d) 19-083-BD-engl

Researcher (f/m/d) "Livelihoods"

Researcher (f/m/d) "Modelling"

Researcher (f/m/d) "Forest Ecosystem Services"

Researcher (f/m/d) "National LaForeT Governance"

Researcher (agricultural economics, international profile) 2019-07-BW

Scientist (m/f) BioMonitor

Scientist (m/f) BioMonitor

Scientist (m/f) 18-251-BD

Scientist (m/f) 18-252-BD

Scientist (m/f) 18-251-BD-engl

Scientist (m/f) 18-252-BD

Scientist to a researcher position (18-246-BD-engl)

Scientist (m/f) for Costs and benefits of measures for the restoration of forest land-use potentials and ecosystem services in Africa

Head of the Programme Co-ordinating Centre (PCC)

scientific employee (in the area of Fisheries Biology / Fisheries Science)

Research Scientist (m/f) SF TRAFFIC

Research Scientist with expertise in Bioinformatics / Microbial Exology

Scientist with expertise in Ecology, Entomology, Biocontrol (18-023-BD)

Research Scientist (m/f) Molekulargenetik

Research Scientist (m/f) Molekulargenetik

Scientist with expertise in Ecology, Entomology, Biocontrol

Scientist with expertise in Microbiology, Ecology, Bioinformatics

Applied Researcher - (m/f)

Research Assistant

Applied Researcher - (m/f)

Research Assistant

Research Assistant

Graduate engineer with specialization in computer sciences/electrical engineering/mechanical engineering or comparable

Scientific assistant position

Research Associate (Project coordinator)

Research Scientist (m/f)

Research Scientist (m/f)

Postdoc researcher - (m/f)

Staff Scientist

Research Scientist (m/f)

Head of the Thünen Institute of Agricultural Technology and Professor for "Digital Agriculture" at the TU Braunschweig

Head of the Thünen Institute of Biodiversity and Professor for "Biodiversity in Agricultural Landscapes" at the TU Braunschweig

Scientist / PhD student (f/m)

3 Research Scientists

Research Scientist (m/f)

Research Scientist (m/f)

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More vacancies are available in German.