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"Es geht um die Balance zwischen Freiraum und Lernen"
An interview with an apprentice trainer and her last apprentice in the Thünen-Institute in Waldsieversdorf
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Job Offers

Job offers of the Thünen Institute

Staff Scientist

The annual “Meetings of Agricultural Chief Scientists of G20 States (MACS-G20)”, which have taken place since 2012, are based on an initiative of the agricultural ministers of the G20 States to address central questions in fields of agriculture and nutrition which are too great to be solved with only national efforts, to better coordinate agricultural research systems and to seek and apply common solutions strategies.

Formal members of the MACS-G20 are the ministers or institutions responsible for agricultural research in the respective G20 states as well as leading research agencies which strategically advise these decision makers. For Germany these are the German Ministry for Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and the Thünen Institute. Other interested countries and multi-national organizations (i.e., OECD; GFAR, CGIAF, FAO) also participate in these meetings.

In order to ensure adequate high quality and healthy foods, taking regional preferences into account, and to use the available resources in the best manner possible, industrial countries as well as emerging and developing countries are confronted with the challenge of significantly reducing food losses and waste. At the 2015 MACS-G20 Meeting in Izmir (Turkey) it was therefore agreed to draft as global an overview as possible of the current status of knowledge in research in this field, and to explore existing global initiatives, technological innovations and available scientific expertise. Germany took responsibility for these activities, including a website ( and is now planning the next steps to develop a clear common strategy for dealing with these problems jointly with MACS-G20 participants.

Therefore, the Institute of Market Analysis of the Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institute, the German Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries – in short the Thünen Institute –, immediately seeks for a four-year period a

Staff Scientist

to develop an international strategy to reducing food losses and waste within the framework of the MACS-G20.


  • Creation and coordination of a network of selected scientists and research managers from the G20 States who are at the intersection of science and research (support) policy in their countries and who have an advisory influence on research programs; aim is to develop a strategy for MACS activities to reduce food losses and waste within the framework of the G20 States while considering existing formats,
  • To derive a concept for the practical realization of these common activities, and to draft a suitable approach (including measures and monitoring) for a scientifically-based, politically driven initiative within the scope of MACS-G20 to reduce food losses and waste,
  • To implement the concept drafted in reality, for example within a case study,
  • To cultivate and maintain contacts with decision-makers and funders at the national and international level,
  • Scientific accompaniment of activities implemented within the framework of the strategy as well as the presentation and communication of these activities to relevant target groups in politics, science and business.

Professional Requirements:

  • An academic degree with above average grades in agricultural, environmental, or food sciences (emphasis on economics preferred) or related disciplines; doctorate is of advantage,
  • Broad thematic competence, if possible in both the scientific-technology fields as well as in the area of socio-economics,
  • Experience in the planning and coordination of international research groups,
  • First experiences in policy advice or rather at the intersection of science and research policy at a level higher than that of single projects, for example in the framework of shaping research programs.

Personal Requirements:

  • The ability to analyze complex natural scientific, economic, social and political information,
  • The ability to prepare complex information in a target-group oriented manner and to present this information to various target groups in comprehensible written and verbal form,
  • A confident and dignified approach to representatives of various target groups and national/international organizations,
  • The ability to create discussion constellations favoring creative strategy processes and consensus development,
  • The ability to develop and implement innovative interdisciplinary concepts,
  • Pleasure working in an international environment; intercultural competence,
  • Very good written and verbal English language ability, other foreign languages are advantageous,
  • Good computer skills,
  • Willingness to travel domestically and internationally.

The employment relationship is temporary according to § 2 Abs. 1 Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz. The position offered is designed so that the candidate will have the possibility to qualify for a position in multinational organizations.

The salary is based on the Official Tariff for Public Service (TVöD); payment is up to level E14 TVöD based on tariff and personal qualifications. A part time position is in principle possible.

The Thünen Institute supports equal employment opportunity for women and men and especially encourages women to apply for the position.

Handicapped persons with equal ability will be particularly considered, only a minimum amount of physical ability is required for the position.

Contact for further information: Stefan Lange, Thuenen Institute Research Coordinator (German Delegate to MACS-G20), Phone: +49 531 596 1008, Email:

Please submit your electronic application (with a curriculum vitae, a tabular overview of your educational and professional experience as well as references , etc., combined into one pdf document – by 31.03.2017 under the keyword “MACS-G20” to the following address:

Address your application to

Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut

Thünen-Institut für Marktanalyse

Dir. und Prof. Dr. Martin Banse

Bundesallee 50

38116 Braunschweig

pdf document:

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