New issue of „Landbauforschung“ is now out

The new issue of the journal "Landbauforschung" under the general topic "Exploration and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions in ruminant and grassland systems" has now been released and is available for download.

"Landbauforschung – Journal of Sustainable and Organic Agricultural Systems" is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal for scientists concerned with new developments towards sustainable and organic agricultural systems.The journal language is English.

Since 2019, the journal is published by the Thünen Institute of Organic Farming. It contains research articles, reviews and position papers. Each issue addresses a previously-announced special topic.

The current issue (Vol. 69(1)2019) includes five position papers and four research articles dealing with greenhouse gas emissions in ruminant and grassland systems.

The papers are freely accessible as Open Access. Each paper as well as the entire issue can be downloaded from

Topics of the next issues are "Evolution in animal husbandry – Fitting animals or fitting systems?", "Agroecology – Can we change our food systems?" and "Innovations in Animal Feeding".