Child care

The kindergarden "Krümelkiste" is located directly on-site the Thünen campus in Braunschweig

More information about child care, education and living in Braunschweig on "Braunschweig best choice".

CJD International School Braunschweig-Wolfsburg

Information about child care in Hamburg on "Hamburg/Kitas" (in German).


"Es geht um die Balance zwischen Freiraum und Lernen"
An interview with an apprentice trainer and her last apprentice in the Thünen-Institute in Waldsieversdorf
(in German)

(Source: Wissenschaft erleben 2013/2)

Archive of Job Offers

Lapsed job offers of the Thünen Institute

Head of the Thünen Institute of Rural Economics (to be established)

Scientist (f/m/d)

Postdoc researcher (f/m/d)

Postdoc researcher (f/m/d)

scientist (m/f/d)

a scientist (m/f/d)

Scientist (m/f/d)

Scientist (m/f/d)

Scientist (f/m/d)

Research Scientist / PhD candidate (f/m/d)

Postdoc researcher position (f/m/d) "Marine spatial management"

PhD position (f/m/d) Geoecology, hydrology, agriculture, environmental or soil science

Head of the Thünen Institute of Agricultural Technology conjoined with the appointment of a Professor for "Digital Agriculture" at the TU Braunschweig

Research Scientist / PhD candidate (f/m/d)

Postdoctoral Researcher (f/m

Scientist working on the "structural development of German coastal fisheries" (f/m/d)

Research Assistand (f/m/d) (Agricultral sciences with an economic focus, Production economics arable farming, international competitiveness)

PhD position (f/m/d)

Scientist (m/f/d)

Scientist (m/f/d)

Scientist (f/m/d) with specialization in Fisheries and Fish Stock Assessments

PhD Student (research associate) (m/f/d)

Scientist (f/m/d) (forest products markets, project BioSDG)

scientist - microbiologist (m/f/d) (project AMMOFIT)

Researcher (f/m/d) (agricultural economics, international profile)

scientist - Soil Microbiology and Molecular Ecology/Protists and Fungi (m/f/d)

a scientist - Microbial Ecology and Soil Microbiology/Prokaryotes (m/f/d)

Scientist (m/f/d) with focus on international forest and wood roducts market modelling

scientist (f/m/d) (project Monitoring biodiversity in agricultural landscapes MonViA)

Research Scientist (f/m/d)

Scientist (f/m/d) (project FInAL)

Research Scientist (f/m/d)

Scientist with specialisation in hydroacoustics (f/m/d)

Junior Researcher (f/m/d), Keyword: Weather Insurance (PhD candidate, agricultural economics)

Scientist (m/f/d) with focus on silviculture, forest management and restoration of tropical forests

Scientist (f/m/d) in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Researcher (f/m/d), reference: 2019-30-BW

Scientist (f/m/d) in Remote Sensing / Spatial data analysis

Junior Researcher (f/m/d) (PhD Candidate - Crop Production Economist)

Researcher (f/m/d) PhD Candidate "Ernährungsgewohnheiten"

Researcher (PhD Candidate) (agricultural economics)

PhD position (f/m/d)

Scientist (m/f/d) Landscape ecology, agro-ecology, environmental science

PhD position (f/m/d) "Geländehöhenänderung Moor"

Researcher (f/m/d) (Agricultural, Forest, Environmental or Geo Sciences or comparable disciplines)

Scientist (m/f/d) (Fisheries Biology, Biological Oceanography, Environmental Science, Agricultural Biology)

Researcher (f/m/d) PhD Candidate "Ernährungsgewohnheiten"

two scientists (m/f/d)

Researcher (f/m/d) geoecology, environmental sciences "VESBO-MOD"

Scientist (m/f/d)

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