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Nadine Kraft

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Fact check

Scientific findings are an essential basis for majority decisions in politics and society: data are collected according to generally recognised and comparable standards, hypotheses and assumptions are confirmed or refuted openly by conclusive evidence. Researchers question theses, methods and results, uncover weak points and errors, find a consensus in the best case and thus contribute to the credibility of the results.

Nevertheless, in an age that seeks answers to many questions, scientific facts are placed in contexts that correspond to a certain mood. Analyses are used piecemeal to support a preconceived opinion. The term found for this is: Fake News.

While with "Thünen explains" we primarily prepare our own research results in such a comprehensible way that we prevent the emergence of fake news, with the "Thünen fact check" we specifically take on such false reports. Our researchers check scientific publications for plausibility and, where necessary, we refute falsehoods with scientific analyses and data.

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