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Institut für Holzforschung


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21031 Hamburg-Bergedorf

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  3. Jafarnezhad S, Shalbafan A, Lüdtke J (2018) Effect of expandable and expanded granules diameter on the properties of hybrid-lightweight panels. Forest Wood Prod 70(4):719-728, DOI:10.22059/jfwp.2017.233535.852
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  6. Benthien JT, Heldner S, Ohlmeyer M (2018) Size distribution of wood particles for extruded particleboard production determined by sieve analysis and image analysis-based particle size measurement. Eur J Wood Wood Prod 76(1):375-379, DOI:10.1007/s00107-017-1215-6
  7. Korte H, Koch G, Krause KC, Koddenberg T, Siemers S (2018) Wood nails to fix softwoods: characterization of structural deformation and lignin modification. Eur J Wood Wood Prod:in press, DOI:10.1007/s00107-018-1288-x
  8. Westin M, Conti E, Creemers J, Flaete PO, Gellerich A, Irbe I, Klamer M, Melcher E, Möller R, Nunes L, Palanti S, Reinprecht L, Suttie E, Viitanen H (2017) 10 year report on COST E17 Round Robin Tests - comparison of results from laboratory and field tests. In: Proceedings IRG Annual Meeting : Ghent, Belgium 4.6.-8.6.2017. Stockholm: IRG Secretariat, pp 1-12
  9. Haag V, Koch G, Zemke V, Kirsch S, Kaschuro S (2017) 3D-reflected-light microscopy as a tool for wood identification in historical instruments. In: Preservation of wooden musical instruments : ethics, practice and assessment ; proceedings ; Musical Instruments Museum, Brussels ; October 5-7, 2017. Brussels: Musical Instruments Museum, pp 105-108
  10. Wenker JL, Richter K, Rüter S (2017) A methodical approach for systematic life cycle assessment of wood-based furniture. J Ind Ecol:in Press, DOI:10.1111/jiec.12581

Results 1 - 10 of 1868

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