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Wood Research

Impact of Wood Utilization on Environment and Climate

Information on environmental impacts, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption are becoming increasingly important. We work on carbon balances and life cycle assessments, advise the climate policy and develop strategies and options for improving the environmental performance of the wood sector.

Wood as a renewable material is used as material and energy resource in many areas. Starting with harvesting of timber, along the processing of the wood to numerous products to their recycling at the end of the life cycle, additional raw materials and energy are consumed - emissions are released. At the same time, wood is part of the natural carbon cycle and wood products extend the storage of the greenhouse gas CO2 during their service life.

To understand the relevance of wood consumption with respect to increasing resource scarcity and climate change, as well as to outline possible paths for an improved utilization, we focus on the following key activities:

We are working on the following key topics