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Development of analytical methods for the quantification of biocides in preservative treated wood

The implementation of DIN 68800-3 (2012) regarding quality control of the achieved retention and prescribed penetration depth of biocides in preservative treated timber or preservative treated construction timber with CE marking requires also validated analytical procedures for the identification and quantification of actives which were approved by the biocidal products directive 98/8EG (EU 1998) and the subsequent EU regulation 528/2012 (2012).

Steady changes in the European approval of biocides in wood preservatives as well as the principle of minimisation concerning the reduction of contaminant input into the environment require a continuously adjustment of analytical methods in order to guarantee product safety and consumer protection in future.

This work is predominantly carried out in the course of an interdisciplinary cooperation within the AK “Analytik” of RAL Gütegemeinschaft “Holzschutzmittel” whereby analytical specifications were not only published via the homepage of the RAL Gütegemeinschaft but also putting them into national and European standardisation.