Institute of

Wood Research

Monitoring of wood damaging insects and fungi

In addition to assessment of the European endemic wood-destroying insects and fungi the imported species gain more and more relevance as Neobiota due to the increasing globalized trade.

The comprehensive documentation (i.e., characterization, origin, scope) of these pests, which may cause intensive economic damages, comprises a major part of the scientific work in the frame of wood protection and costumer protection. This initial research serves as counseling for political affairs with respect to damage potentials of the insects and fungi, respectively, as well as for the import and export of wood and wood products.

The characterization of wood-damaging pest organisms with respect to their characters and biotopes (especially as to global warming), a necessary centralized documentation (monitoring), and the remedial treatments within the frame of the prevailing building and treatment regulations are all basic scientific tasks, which are concerning national and international levels and the future research and accompaniment.

Infokarten zu holzzerstörenden Schadorganismen

Insekten und Pilze können beträchtlichen Schaden am Holz verursachen. Jeweils 6 häufig vorkommende holzzerstörende Insekten und Pilze sowie deren Befallsmerkmale werden auf den folgenden Infokarten übersichtlich vorgestellt.

Infokarten zu holzzerstörenden Organismen (pdf; 6.7 MB)