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Daimon 2 Webinar - Risk assessment of dumped ammunition - successfully completed


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Screenshot einiger Teilnehmer am DAIMON2 Webinar vom 03.11.2020 (© Thünen-Institut)

Within the framework of the ammunition project DAIMON 2 (Decision Aid for Marine Munitions-Practical application) a webinar was successfully conducted by the Thuenen Institute for Fishery Ecology on 3 November 2020. Up to 40 participants from politics, authorities, universities and NGOs participated.

Due to the corona situation, a two-day seminar originally planned in Kiel for last August with practical exercises on board the RV Clupea and various lectures unfortunately had to be cancelled.

The aim was to convey the content and practical application of the EcoTox Toolbox developed in the DAIMON 1 project. The EcoTox Toolbox ( is a collection of methods for investigating and evaluating an area and its environment for possible residues from conventional or chemical ammunition. The large collection of fact sheets contained in the toolbox and how to use them has now been successfully communicated to interested organisations and users who are concerned with the problem of dumped ammunition.

In addition, an insight into the Decision Support System (DSS), a GIS-based decision tool for the further handling of dumped ammunition was given. The aim of the DSS is to provide a risk assessment and decision support for different objects of protection that may be affected by this ammunition on the basis of existing data and the use of artificial intelligence.

With intensive and lively discussions about possibilities and limits of the EcoTox Toolbox as well as its further development and possible implementation of a monitoring system, the webinar was successfully concluded.