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The DAIMON Ecotox Toolbox - assessing the risk of dumped munition

DAIMON Ecotox Toolbox (© T. Lang /Thünen-Institut)

The DAIMON Ecotox Toolbox is an output of the Interreg project DAIMON (Decision Aid for Marine Munitions, 2016-2019). It provides tools (concept, strategy, methodological recommendations and guidelines) for analyzing and assessing exposure and ecological risks associated with sea-dumped chemical and conventional munitions and potentially hazardous warfare agents emitted from the munitions.

The strategy for application of the Toolbox is based on a two-steps-concept: a Screening Study (Step 1) and a following Detailed Study (Step 2) as required. Both steps comprise a set of methodological approaches and techniques to be applied, for which recommendations and guidelines are given (as Toolbox Fact Sheets). Further on, the toolbox gives guidance on how to interpret the results and how to assess risks.

The toolbox components address the following aspects:

  • Munitions detection and identification 
  • Analysis of hazardous substances
  • Analysis of biological effects
  • Other approaches 
  • Data analysis and assessment
  •  Decision support

Based on the results of the Screening and/or the Detailed Study, a risk assessment can be performed and, again based on the results, decisions can be taken and management actions can be implemented as appropriate.

Download: Daimon Ecotox Toolbox in a nutshell, short application guide

Download: DAIMON Ecotox Toolbox Text containing the strategy

Download: DAIMON Ecotox Toolbox Fact Sheets containing the methods