Institute of

Fisheries Ecology

Thünen Marine Litter Gallery

The Thünen-Institute collects marine litter data since years. Litter items catched by bottom trawling on our fishery research ships are classified using the IBTS protocoll (International Bottom Trawl Survey).

Here is a list of all IBTS categories.

The main IBTS categories are:

  • A: Plastic
  • B: Metals
  • C: Rubber
  • D: Glass/Ceramics
  • E: Natural products
  • F: Other

Below these main categories 40 sub categories are defined to classify litter items. For each item in the net length, weight and IBTS category were determined and a photo was taken for documentation.

The Marine Litter Gallery shows typical examples of litter items from the sea floor - one picture for each subcategory, if available.

The Marine Litter Gallery is a joint project of the Thünen-Institutes of Fisheries Ecology and of Sea Fisheries.