Institute of

Fisheries Ecology

Chemical Trace Analysis

LC-MS/MS mit HPLC (Agilent, Infinity) und massenselektivem Detektor (Sciex QTrap 5500) (© Thünen-Institut)

As a result of natural events and to most part anthropogenic activities, pollutants and xenobiotics are being released into the marine environment. Among these contaminants, besides a number of metals, there is a numbers of mainly man-made organic compounds that we are particularly interested in. As waste- or byproducts of manufacturing-, application- or disposal- processes, these compounds find their way into the environment and therefore - also into the sea. 

We focus on the monitoring of contaminants in fish from north- and Baltic sea to gain data and be able to evaluate the current situation and the temporal development of the environmental contamination. Since there are ten thousands of known hazardous contaminants in the marine environment, we select some of the most important agents for our analytical programs, guided by the recommendations by the international marine environment protection conventions.