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Healthy fishes can only exist in a healthy marine environment. We conduct research in marine ecosystems and monitor their status also in relation to the sustainably use of living resources. We aim at an early identification of critical burdens of anthropogenic contaminants in fishes and an assessment of their effects.      

Based on national legislation, we measure radioactivity in marine fish species and their prey organisms in the North Sea and Baltic Sea, and we analyse concentrations of organic and inorganic contaminants in marine fish in the framework of national and international monitoring programmes. In parallel to chemical analyses, we study biological effects of contaminants and other environmental stressors on the health status of marine fish. We measure changes at the molecular and cellular level, and, at the individual and population level, the occurrence of fish diseases.

Our aim is an integrated monitoring and assessment of the marine environment, with hand-in-hand chemical and biological measurements. We assess the status of the marine environment using qualitative indicators and quantitative assessment criteria. Here, we carry out important developmental work and meet the requirements of a timely marine monitoring concept in accordance to the regional marine protection conventions (OSPAR, HELCOM) and the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive.                                          

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Chemical trace analytics

Gaschromatograph (Agilent) with mass selective TOF Detector (Markes) (© Ulrike Kammann / Thünen Institut)

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Results 1 - 3 of 400

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