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Forest Genetics

Secretariat Großhansdorf

Irene Joraszik

Sieker Landstraße 2
22927 Großhansdorf
Phone: +49 4102 696 0
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Location manager Waldsieversdorf

  • Volker Schneck

Secretariat Waldsieversdorf

Stefanie Mordau

Eberswalder Chaussee 3a
15377 Waldsieversdorf
Phone: +49 33433 157 0
Fax: +49 33433 157 199

The competence centre is a central contact facility for government agencies, the timber trade, consumers and associations to verify the species of wood and/or wood products and their origin. The competence centre is able to determine wood samples accurately at the genus or species level and can check claims on the geographical origin of an increasing number of tree types. International certification systems which verify the legality and sustainability of forest management are being further developed to be aligned to the EUTR requirements. In addition criteria for legality assurance assessments s are being optimized. Wood trade flows and wood markets are continuously being analyzed to provide information for governances, manufacturers, traders and consumers. At the same time, countries and products at particular risk are becoming evident. The experts at the Thünen Centre of Competence cooperate internationally with other  scientific facilities and are developing partnerships in the appropriate countries.