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Katharina Liepe

Employee in the Project "FitForClim" / Field of Activity Provenance and Breeding Research

 Katharina  Liepe
Sieker Landstraße 2
22927 Großhansdorf
+49 4102 696 154
+49 4102 696 200

2007-2010 BSc in Forest Sciences at University of Freiburg, Germany  

2011-2014 MSc in Forest Sciences at University of Freiburg, Germany, and Renewable Resources at University of Alberta, Canada; dual degree master program TRANSatlantic FORestry Master     

My MSc project focused on adaptations to climate in populations of lodgepole pine and interior spruce across a range of contrasting environments in western Canada which were assessed as quantitative traits in common garden experiments. This study was realized as part of the AdapTree project (  

Since 2014 research fellow at Thünen Institute, participating in the project FitForClim that aims to provide a foundation for a sustainable supply of high-quality forest reproductive material (i.e. forest tree seeds) to ensure long term forest productivity under changing environmental conditions.


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