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Forest Genetics

Secretariat Großhansdorf

Irene Joraszik

Sieker Landstraße 2
22927 Großhansdorf
Phone: +49 4102 696 0
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Secretariat Waldsieversdorf

Christian Heimpold

Research fellow in the Field of Activity ‘Provenance and Breeding Research’, Project ‘FitForClim’

 Christian  Heimpold
Eberswalder Chaussee 3a
15377 Waldsieversdorf
+49 33433 157 175
+49 33433 157 199

2006-2009: Studies of Forestry at the University of Applied Science Eberswalde, Germany

2009-2011: Studies of Forestry at Dresden University of Technology (Tharandt), Germany

2011-2013: Traineeship for Senior Civil Service in forestry at the Sachsenforst Staatsbetrieb, Germany

2013-2015: Working as a forester at different assignments at the Saxonian Federal State Forest Administration

Starting March 2015: Research fellow at the Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institute of Forest Genetics in the project FastWOOD lll 

Since 2017 Scientific employee in the project "FitForClim"


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  1. Heimpold C, Heimpold K, Schneck V, Tölle R, Liesebach M (2018) Untersuchung der Holzdichte von Aspen und Hybridaspen mittels Pilodyn. Landbauforsch Appl Agric Forestry Res 68(1-2):83-92, DOI:10.3220/LBF1537788833000
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 247 kb