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Institute of

BD Biodiversity

Research Group Citizen Science

Head of research group: Dr. Marie von Meyer-Höfer

Welcome to the Research Group Citizen Science Website

Since the end of 2019, the Citizen Science research group has been established within the Thünen Institut for Biodiversity. Currently (September 2020) the lab consists of four committed researchers who are dedicated to the following questions in various projects:

In the coming years, it is anticipated to welcoming more members in the lab and to become a national and internationally renowned citizen science research lab that develops and tests citizen science-based approaches for future monitoring systems, carrying out projects at the interface between agricultural research, society and politics and doing science about citizen science.

For the establishment of citizen science in agricultural, we currently develop capacities for citizen science and strive for a culture of participation in applied agricultural research. The processes involved are part of our accompanying scientific research. We apply methods from the natural and social sciences and value multidisciplinary research.

We understand Citizen Science as an approach that enables the generation of new knowledge about biodiversity and supports transformative processes with and for the stakeholders in associated systems.

Our research lab has three main goals:

  1. Design and establishment of citizen science in agricultural landscapes
  2. Implementation of Citizen Science
  3. Investigation and research into the effectiveness and functioning of citizen science in agricultural landscapes

Here, is what we offer within our lab:

  • Bachelor and Master theses
  • Teaching activities in the subject areas: Citizen Science, Nature Conservation
  • Project partnership for national and international projects
  • Internships
  • Fun

Questions???? Please get in contact with Dr. Marie von Meyer-Höfer (

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