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Zukunftsfähige Landwirtschaft (Sustainable Agriculture)


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Sustainable Agriculture in Switzerland: Influencing Factors of Successful Farms and Farm Structures under Future Framework Conditions

Conditions in Switzerland with regard to agricultural market and support policy in future might develop towards the existing Common Agricultural Policy in the European Union. This would mean that external protection and high direct payments would be reduced. The consequences for the agriculture are not clear.

Background and Objective

With this project we try to obtain knowledge of successful development strategies of farms in regions neighboring Switzerland aiming at gaining an income sufficient for sustaining the farm. Furthermore we want to know which operative factors influence the prospects of successful development  strategies.


The analysis will be based on empirical work in 4 regions in the European Union quite similar to Switzerland with regard to topography and agrarian structure (i.e. south-western Baden-Württemberg, southern Bavaria, central Austria, northern Italy).

Analysis of literature, expert interviews and expert workshops shall  contribute to answer the questions on successful development strategies and factors of success in the chosen regions. Furthermore, quantitative statistical analysis will be conducted in the chosen German regions on the basis of the national FADN-farms.



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Funding Body

  • Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG)
    (international, öffentlich)


5.2017 - 12.2017

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Project status: ongoing