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Beef and Sheep

Beef finishing systems in Germany are bases on maize silage
Beef finishing systems in Germany are bases on maize silage (© agri benchmark)

85 percent of the beef produced in Germany has its origin in the dairy herd. Cattle inventories are constantly declining. The main reasons are the increase of milk yields per cow which coincides with the existence of the milk quota – at least until its abolishment in 2015. With an annual production of 1.1 million tonnes of beef, Germany ranks second in European beef production after France. In Germany, subsidies and payments for beef which are linked to production are history. However, EU-beef production still benefits from an import tariff of approximately 90 percent. Sheep production in Germany plays only a minor economic role. It has, however, regional importance in the context of landscape stewardship programmes and keeping open cultural landscapes

Cow-calf and sheep production are important users of grassland
Cow-calf and sheep production are important users of grassland (© Thünen-Institut/Katja Seifert)

Against this background, we address the following questions: „

  • How do economic, political and legal framework conditions impact on the competitiveness of beef and sheep production?
  • How do agricultural and trade policy measures impact producers and how can they adjust?
  • How did cost, returns and productivity develop in the past, what was driving it and what are the perspectives?
  • Which increases in productivity and production can be expected in which parts of the world?
  • How can we reduce the environmental impact and improve animal welfare without jeopardizing the competitiveness?

It is obvious that answers to most of these questions can only be given in the global context. Consequently, the majority of the work takes place within the framework of the  agri benchmark Beef and Sheep Network which is coordinated by the institute.

Lambs are not for Easter only
Lambs are not for Easter only (© Thünen-Institut/Claus Deblitz)

Dossier: Nutztierhaltung und Fleischproduktion in Deutschland

Nutztierhaltung Produktionssysteme Silage

Im Themenfeld Nutztierhaltung und Aquakultur finden Sie Steckbriefe zur Tierhaltung in Deutschland, die in komprimierter Form aktuelle Daten zu Entwicklungen der Bestände, der Produktion, Produktionssysteme, Handel, Preisen und Wirtschaftlichkeit präsentieren.

Zusätzliche Informationen finden Sie im Dossier.

Projects of Beef and Sheep