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Control of fruits and vegetables
Control of fruits and vegetables (© fotolia/Markus Bormann)

Besides health consequences food crises can also cause serious economic damages to the different steps of the supply chain. This became apparent through incidences such as the EHEC outbreak in Germany in 2011. 

With increasing globalization of the food industry and different hygienic standards the threats and the (inter-)national dimension of food crises rise. At the same time the past has shown that in the case of food crises consumers normally demand more public regulations - and this is provided as well. Our analyses help to better assess the economic context and impact of such preventive and intervening measures on individual companies and sectors of the supply chain. Thus, we can evaluate the regulations regarding food safety, contribute to its efficient design and develop targeted solutions for preventive and intervening measures. Together with the Thünen Institute of Market Analysis we currently look at consumer reactions during a food crisis and examine cost-benefit effects of preventive measures particularly in the context of zoonoses as well as the costs of communication as a means to handle and prevent crises.

Control of sausages
Control of sausages (© fotolia/Markus Bormann)