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Dr. Anett Richter

Dr. Anett  Richter
Bundesallee 68
38116 Braunschweig
+49 531 596 2584
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Fields of Activity

Main Research interests and expertise

As head of the Research Group Citizen Science I lead a) the establishment and management of a working group with focus on Citizen Science in agricultural landscapes, b) the management and implementation of national and international projects, and c) the performance and communication of research and teaching activities.

My current empirical research focuses on developing frameworks and conceptual principles based on the generality of Citizen Science. My overarching scientific goal is to test the interoperability of Citizen Science with other science systems (e.g. biodiversity, education and evaluation) and concepts (education for sustainable development, action research). Research on Citizen Science expands our knowledge and understanding how Citizen Science works in theory and practice. We apply this newly generated knowledge in the practice of Citizen Science, and consider findings from our research in the planning and implementation of Citizen Science projects. In addition, I am involved in establishing Citizen Science in agricultural landscapes as a supplement to the National Biodiversity Monitoring in Agricultural Landscapes (MonViA). Here I build capacities for Citizen Science and test Citizen Science projects for their feasibility and develop educational instruments for and with the actors from the agricultural landscapes. In addition to my research, teaching and supervising BA and MA students are important to me.

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