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Pool of information on earthworms and collembolans


Research and assessment of soil zoological primary data regarding earthworms and collembolans for a Germany-wide database (GBIF-Edaphobase)

The meta-database "Edaphobase" is a powerful tool for soil biodiversity science which is accessible to the public.

Background and Objective

The webservice “Edaphobase” is a taxonomic-ecological database network in soil zoology. The aim is to link literature-based taxonomic primary data on the species level with ecological site conditions (e.g. soil, habitat type, and climate). Edaphobase forms a module of "Global Biodiversity Information Facility"(GBIF)-Deutschland and will be integrated into the GBIF data structure.

Target Group

Science community, public services, consultants


Datasets of earthworms and collembolans from PhD and diploma theses on field studies within the Braunschweig environs of the past five decades were researched and assessed. Within this subproject adequate datasets combined with ecological background information were digitized.


In total, more than 30.000 datasets of earthworms and collembolans from 24 PhD and diploma theses were digitized and entered in Edaphobase. Further datasets on soil properties, land management, site history, climate and the geographical location were added to the database.

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Funding Body

  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
    (national, öffentlich)


1.2012 - 8.2012

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