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Towards a bio-based economy


Examples of biorefineries (c) Thünen-Institut
Examples of biorefineries (© Thünen-Institut)

Biorafinery Concepts - State and Prospects (IEA Task 42)

Renewables are the centre piece of the bioeconomy. Sustainably produced biomass and innovative conversion routes are prerequisites for the efficient use of resources. Utilisation of organic residues is of particular importance due to the growing demand for food and feed. It is important to identify and consider trade-offs between different utilisation paths for biomass. Efficient use of resources helps to reduce the dependency on fossil resources in the long-term.

Background and Objective

The major challenge in the coming decades is to provide sufficient food for the growing population and also biomass to substitute fossil resources. The most pressing question is how to achieve that?

Target Group

Decision makers in policy and industry


We characterise and assess technologies, processes and products based on the whole life cycle in order to detect improvement options. Thus the most promising eco-efficient paths for the conversion of biomass can be identified.

Our Research Questions

Which environmental-friendly and resource-efficient techniques exist for particular biomass feedstock? What are the most economically competitive techniques that can also be used for the development of rural areas?

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