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Sustainability assessment of bio-based systems


Products of a bioeconomy (c) Thünen-Institut
Products of a bioeconomy (© Thünen-Institut)

Sustainability assessment of renewables production and conversion

A successful transition to a bio-economy depends on a number of technological, economic, environmental and social factors. Each step needed to be assessed with respect to sustainability goals in order to frame that transition efficiently.

Background and Objective

Sustainability assessment of the production and conversion of reneables is a cross-sectional task within the Institute of Agricultural Technology and is geared to advise the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture in sustainability issues connected to agricultural biomass and residues.

Target Group

Political decision makers


 The task encompasses:

  • Deepening the LCA methodology for biobased systems
  • Eco-efficiency analysis of biomass conversion processes
  • Sustainability assessment of biobased system



Permanent task 9.2009 - 12.2025