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Joint project DigiLand starts


The digital transformation has long since found its way into agriculture. The promotion and support of new ideas and impetus is urgently needed to advance the development of Germany in the field of digital agricultural technologies. To this end, the project DigiLand of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) starts. Partners of this joint project are the Thünen Institute and the VDI.

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Domestic and foreign agricultural manufacturers are initially pursuing their own interests in developing and supporting digitization in agriculture, as are suppliers of crop and fertilizer inputs and software providers for farm management systems.

The aim of DigiLand, the joint project "Networking and Transfer Project for Digitization in Agriculture", is to bring together important activities in business practice, to derive proposals for future funding initiatives in the field of digitization and to put networking and knowledge transfer into practice. The project results should serve as a basis for further developing national and international standards as well as the political and legal framework conditions.

The VDI is the third largest rule setter Germany and an important partner of business and science. With VDI guidelines and expert recommendations, it also offers assistance in the joint project DigiLand for manufacturers and users of technology. The activities of the VDI also relieve the burden on the legislator. DigiLand is a funding project of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). In her letter to the VDI, Julia Klöckner, BMEL, emphasizes that her ministry also supports research projects on the topic of "digitization in agriculture". She congratulates the partners, the Thünen Institute and the VDI, for promoting the joint project and wishes them every success in their implementation.

Source: VDI