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Future Day 2019


On 28.03.2019, the Thünen Institute of Agricultural Technology enabled a total of 13 pupils to gain an in-depth insight into the different fields of work.

Future Day (© Thünen-Institut)

In the institute workshop, the students got to know different materials and machines for processing. Practical insights were gained when operating the turning, milling and column drilling machine for the production of a metal component. Furthermore, they got to know the different welding processes.

In the laboratories of the "Material Use of Renewable Resources" workgroup, the students examined visually identical solutions using different measurement techniques. In addition, microscopes were used to determine the pollen of various honeys.

The agriculture digitization and automation workspace provided insights into maintaining and repairing computers, creating programs, and making technical drawings. In addition, the students were allowed to assemble electronic circuits for the automatic irrigation of indoor plants and objectively record the animal welfare of pigs on the basis of original images using a rating scheme.