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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

With computational fluid dynamics information about physical values such as pressure, turbulence intensity and velocity can be specified and visualized in a virtual calculation room.

Pressure distribution around a diary cattle stable
Pressure distribution around a diary cattle stable (© Thünen-Institut)

The distribution of gaseous air pollutants such as ammonia can be calculated by simulation programs for example in the special case of livestock husbandry inside a stable as well as the emissions to the environment coming from the stable. A great advantage thereby is the possibility to determine the concentration not only at one point (such as a measurement) but also give it for every position in the virtual calculation room. This can be of great interest especially when measurements are not possible because of technical reasons. On the other hand this model-based measuring technique allows also verifying new model-approaches and developments of low-emission stable systems. Beside the dispersion of gaseous substances massless and mass afflicted particles can be also calculated. This serves amongst others to provide dispersion scenarios and to determine an environmental load.

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