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Non-peer-reviewed scientific paper by Reinhard Well

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  1. Röper K, Ruoss N, Hoffmann I, Braun J, Schäfer BC, Brunotte J, Well R (2016) Wer emittiert am meisten? DLG Mitt 131(12):18-21
  2. Weymann D, Well R, Lewicka-Szczebak D, Rohe L (2013) Acetylene inhibition of N2O reduction in laboratory soil and groundwater denitrification assays: evaluation by 15N tracer and 15N site preference of N2O. Geophys Res Abstr 15:9950
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 45 kb
  3. Eschenbach W, Well R (2013) Is pre-conditioning required for the measurement of in situ denitrification rates with push-pull 15N-tracer tests? Geophys Res Abstr 15:10475
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 56 kb
  4. Rohe L, Braker G, Well R, Giesemann A, Anderson T-H, Wrage-Mönnig N, Flessa H (2013) Isotope effects and O-exchange with water during N2O production by denitrifying fungi. Geophys Res Abstr 15:10293
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 42 kb
  5. Lewicka-Szczebak D, Senbayram M, Köster JR, Well R (2013) Isotope fractionation factors of N2O production and reduction by denitrification: b. Modeling data from soil incubation under N2-free atmosphere. Geophys Res Abstr 15:8864
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 56 kb
  6. Well R, Weymann D, Lewicka-Szczebak D, Rohe L, Flessa H (2013) Isotope fractionations factors of N2O production and reduction by denitrification: a. Laboratory incubation studies using N2O reductase inhibition. Geophys Res Abstr 15:8210
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 50 kb
  7. Deppe M, Well R, Giesemann A, Kücke M, Flessa H (2013) Reducing fertilizer-derived N2O emission: Point injection vs. surface application if ammonium-N ferilizer at a loamy sand site. Geophys Res Abstr 15:12000
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 27 kb
  8. Köster JR, Senbayram M, Dittert K, Well R, Giesemann A, Lewicka-Szczebak D, Mühling KH (2013) Soil denitrification potential and its influence on the N2O / N2 product ratio and N2O isotopomer ratios. Geophys Res Abstr 15:13171
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 47 kb
  9. Krienen L, Höper H, Eschenbach W, Well R, Elbracht J (2013) Using the N2/Ar-Method to check modelled diffuse NO3-emissions from soils into the groundwater of Lower Saxony (Germany). Geophys Res Abstr 15:9603-1
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 47 kb
  10. Gensior A, Roth G, Well R (2012) Landwirtschaftliche Bodennutzung : eine Bestandsaufnahme aus Sicht der Klimaberichterstattung. Bodenschutz 17(3):81-89