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Steffanie Schirren
Institute of Climate-Smart Agriculture

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Dr.-Ing. Andreas Gensior

Dr.-Ing. Andreas  Gensior
Bundesallee 68
38116 Braunschweig
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+49 531 596 2699

Research interests

  • Reporting on greenhousegas emissions from land use and land-use change in Germany according to the United Nations Framework on Climate Change, the Kyoto – Protocol and the European Union Directive 2004/280 EG
  • Carbon and nitrogen dynamics in soils and biomass and their spatial and temporal variability subject to land use and land-use change and site conditions
  • Storage and regional allocation of elements in soils, particulary carbon
  • Development of methods to gain activity data and emission factors nationwide and  to regionalize spot informations fort he German greenhouse gas inventory Land use and land-use change
  • Identification and quantification on uncertainties of the German GHG – inventory land use and land-use change
  • Services: providing dataPolitikberatung, Datenbereitstellung