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Greenhouse gas measurements in the Bourtanger Moor natural park (c) Thünen-Institut/AK
Greenhouse gas measurements in the Bourtanger Moor natural park (© Thünen-Institut/AK)

A novel approach to investigate effects of atmospheric nitrogen deposition on ecosystem productivity and greenhouse gas exchange

The project NITROSPHERE investigates the relationship between atmospheric nitrogen deposition and greenhouse gas exchange of different ecosystems using novel measurement techniques (TRANC).

Background and Objective

Despite comprehensive investigations in the field of C and N cycling, there is still little knowledge about direct implications of alterations in N deposition on ecosystem productivity and GHG exchange, which can at least partly be attributed to the lack of comprehensive reactive N measurements with high temporal resolution. Thus, the junior research group NITROSPHERE will contribute to ecosystem-atmosphere research by

  1. establishing an improved methodology (the TRANC) for continuous monitoring of Nr exchange and by
  2. synthesizing already existing datasets with a special emphasis on the  impact of Nr exchange/deposition on gross ecosystem productivity and on other GHG fluxes of affected ecosystems.

Outcomes of the project are also expected to (i) further develop research infrastructures such as ICOS through instrumental and analytical improvements, (ii) increase the potential of global data assimilation networks such as FLUXNET, (iii) providing a better data basis for (re-)formulating Nr emission factors and climate protection regulations, and (iv) enhance the understanding of C and N cycling in both natural and managed ecosystems.


The group NITROSPHERE will consist of 3 researchers, i.e. two PhD students beside the group leader, and a technician to support all field- and lab-related work. The two PhD students will be assigned to one working package (WP) each and will mainly be responsible for the subtasks and milestones within the respective WP. The focus of WP I lies on Nr measurements and methodology improvement of the recently developed TRANC system. Measurements at peatland, agricultural, and forest sites are planned. WP II deals with data synthesis and Nr modeling to elaborate the relationship between Nr and GHG exchange. All subtasks of the project are expected to be finalized within the first 4 years; a fifth year is intended for further result application such as a regionalization of the obtained relationships.

Installation of micrometeorological measurement equipment at an agricultural site in the Emsland region
Installation of micrometeorological measurement equipment at an agricultural site in the Emsland region (© Thünen-Institut/AK)


Involved Thünen-Partners

Involved external Thünen-Partners

Funding Body

  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
    (national, öffentlich)


8.2013 - 7.2019

More Information

Projekt type:
Project funding number: 01LN1308A
Project status: ongoing

Agricultural land near Thünen Institut in Braunschweig
Agricultural land near Thünen Institut in Braunschweig (© Thünen-Institut/AK)


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