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New publication: N2O emissions from soils


Gokul Prasad Mathivanan et al.: New N2O emission factors for crop residues and fertiliser inputs to agricultural soils in Germany

District-wise N2O-N emissions related to agricultural area (kg N2O-N ha−1). (© Mathivanan et al.)

For greenhouse gas emission reporting, nitrous oxide from soils are calculated with emission factors. These emission factors express how much nitrous oxide is emitted as a result of one kilogram of nitrogen input (such as fertilizers). Until now, the global mean value of 1 % has been used for Germany. In a literature study, we have derived new emissions factors, which are specific to Germany and differentiate regionally. This strongly improves precision. The new emission factors are lower than the previously used emission factor everywhere in Germany. They are lower in Northern Germany than in southern Germany due to soil characteristics and climatic conditions. The national average emission factor, and thus the nitrous oxide emissions, is 38 % lower than assumed up to now.