Institute of

Climate-Smart Agriculture

International symposium: Soil organic matter management in agriculture – International Symposium


The 4per1000 Initiative launched in at COP21 in Paris aims at increasing soil organic matter for climate mitigation, climate adaptation and food security. The international symposium on soil organic matter management will elucidate options and potentials for soil C sequestration.

Enhanced soil organic carbon stocks can help to mitigate climate change and make soils more resilient to climate change. Finally, a sustainable management of soil organic matter is the key for a sustainable agriculture with the aim of enhanced food security. However, soil carbon is variable in space due to multiple environmental drivers that influence soil carbon dynamics and stocks. Thus, site and farm specific options are required to enhance soil carbon. In addition, measures for soil carbon sequestration have to be closely linked to an efficient nutrient management. The symposium will provide a platform for scientists to discuss and assess management options of soil carbon sequestration for European and global agriculture. Research gabs shall be identified to determine the potential of soil carbon sequestration in European agricultural systems. The symposium is organized in partnership with the 4per1000 initiative.