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Climate-Smart Agriculture

International Conference on Climate Smart Agriculture on Organic Soils


The meeting aims for the exchange of current research results both from natural and social sciences. We welcome oral presentations and posters on experimental and modelling studies at all scales targeting GHG emissions, water quality and biomass production. We encourage presentations on economic analyses of such systems and the design and evaluation of policy measures such as subsidy schemes. Researchers, policy makers and practitioners are all invited to present and discuss current work.

Farming on organic soils in Sweden (© Kerstin Berglund)

Peatlands store a major share of the world’s soil organic carbon. Many European peatlands have been drained and cultivated in the past centuries. This fosters land surface subsidence and peat mineralization. Therefore, drained organic soils are a large source of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions and, at the same time, at a high risk of being degraded and lost.

At this conference, we want to discuss options for maintaining production on organic soils while reducing GHG emissions and buffering climate change. The seminar will cover a range of topics:

  • Soil and water management
  • Economy and policy
  • Growing adapted biomass
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Poster session covering all topics of the conference


Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Ultuna Campus, Uppsala, Sweden
Lecture hall L in the Teaching Building (Undervisningshuset) (oral presentations)
Department of Soil and Environment (poster session and conference dinner)


Organized by the FACCE-ERA-NET+ CAOS project and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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