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Climate-Smart Agriculture

Ulrike Wolf

Dr. rer. nat. (31.07.2014)

Ulrike Wolf  with doctoral cap
Ulrike Wolf with doctoral cap (© Thünen-Institut/AK)

On 31.07.2014, Ulrike Wolf successfully defended her doctoral thesis on "Emission of NH3, N2O and CO2 following the application of differently treated digestates from biogas production" at TU Braunschweig.

The objectives of this thesis were to:

  1. quantify and compare NH3 emissions after field application of different animal manures and digestates (from animal manures and digested maize) and to determine the effect of mechanical substrate separation on NH3 emission,
  2. determine the effect of different fertilizer types (i.e. calcium nitrate, digestate from maize, digestate from maize with a nitrification inhibitor) on NH3 and N2O emission from a maize field and to evaluate the total greenhouse gas budget of these fertilization systems and
  3. analyze the processes of denitrification and C mineralization following application of 13C and 15N labeled digestate from maize simulating different application techniques in the laboratory.