Kolloquium: "Reef restoration and how fish telemetry can help solving ancient stakeholder conflicts"


Vortrag von Jon C. Svendsen (DTU Aqua, Dänemark) im Institut für Ostseefischerei, Rostock

(© Thünen-Institut/C. Zimmermann)

Recent studies using baited and unbaited cameras to evaluate reef restoration projects in the Western Baltic Sea. Reefs are designed with different elevations and densities and evaluated using replicated before-and-after-control-impact designs.

The use of fish telemetry to locate spawning and foraging areas in turbot and brown trout in the marine environment. Studies are carried out in close collaboration with local stakeholders, which may help solving ancient conflicts. Moreover, stakeholders are now funding the research, advertising the research in local media and even collecting the data. The presentation will describe approaches to engage stakeholders.

Der Vortrag wird auf Englisch gehalten.

Wo: Institut für Ostseefischerei, Alter Hafen Süd 2, 18069 Rostock, Konferenzraum

Wann: 16. Mai 2018, 10:00