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DAIMON Demonstration Cruises and DSS Trainings


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Blick von Bord der Clupea auf Markierung am Rand des Sperrgebiets Kolberger Heide (© Katharina Straumer / Thünen Institut)

DAIMON Demonstration Cruises and DSS Trainings

The trainings are targeted at both executive and technical staff of maritime administrations, environmental agencies and coastal guards, as well as commercial users of the marine space (offshore companies), academia and NGOs involved in marine risk assessment in areas affected by marine munitions.

Goal of all trainings is to gain practical skills in operation the Decision Support System (DSS) for dumped munitions - software developed by the DAIMON project. In addition, during the demonstration cruises, practitioners can gain insight into state-of-art methods of collecting data on the different munitions' parameters and assessing their impact on biota. The freshly collected data will be processed and fed into the DSS in order to generate very realistic scenarios.

Those hands-on, free-of-charge trainings will not only be an opportunity to upgrade your qualifications, but also for networking and exchange of experience with professionals from all over the Baltic Sea Region.

If you represent one of the above groups and you are interested to participate, click below for more information and registration. Number of places is limited and therefore registration deadline is the 15th May 2020.