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    Ghaffari MH, Hammon H, Frieten D, Gerbert C, Dusel G, Koch C (2021) Effects of milk replacer meal size on feed intake, growth performance, and blood metabolites and hormones of calves fed milk replacer with or without butyrate ad libitum: A cluster-analytic approach. J Dairy Sci 104(4):4650-4664, DOI:10.3168/jds.2020-18626


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    Rajkovic E, Schwarz C, Tischler D, Schedle K, Reisinger N, Emsenhuber C, Ocelova V, Roth N, Frieten D, Dusel G, Gierus M (2021) Potential of grape extract in comparison with therapeutic dosage of antibiotics in weaning piglets: Effects on performance, digestibility and microbial metabolites of the ileum and colon. Animals MDPI 11(10):2771, DOI:10.3390/ani11102771


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    Hammon HM, Liermann W, Frieten D, Koch C (2020) Review: Importance of colostrum supply and milk feeding intensity on gastrointestinal and systemic development in calves. Animal 14(S1):S133-S143, DOI:10.1017/S1751731119003148

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