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  1. Brunet-Navarro P, Jochheim H, Kroiher F, Muys B (2018) Effect of cascade use on the carbon balance of the German and European wood sectors. J Cleaner Prod 170:137-146, DOI:10.1016/j.jclepro.2017.09.135
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 810 kb
  2. Hoffmann M, Pohl M, Jurisch N, Prescher A-K, Mendez Campa E, Hagemann U, Remus R, Verch G, Sommer M, Augustin J (2018) Maize carbon dynamics are driven by soil erosion state and plant phenology rather than nitrogen fertilization form. Soil Tillage Res 175:255-266, DOI:10.1016/j.still.2017.09.004
  3. Malyshev AV, Henry HA, Bolte A, Arfin Khan MA, Kreyling J (2018) Temporal photoperiodic sensitivity and forcing requirements for budburst in temperate tree seedlings. Agric Forest Meteorol 248:82-90, DOI:10.1016/j.agrformet.2017.09.011
  4. Saarela S, Andersen H-E, Grafström A, Schnell S, Gobakken T, Naesset E, Nelson RF, McRoberts RE, Gregoire TG, Stähl G (2017) A new prediction-based variance estimator for two-stage model-assisted surveys of forest resources. Remote Sens Environ 192:1-11, DOI:10.1016/j.rse.2017.02.001
  5. Bauhus J, Rock J, Spellmann H, Dieter M, Lang F, Richter K, Bolte A, Rüter S, Bösch M, Entenmann S (2017) Beiträge der Forst- und Holzwirtschaft zum Klimaschutz. AFZ Wald 72(3):10-14
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 340 kb
  6. König N, Höhle J (2017) BZE II: Qualitätsmanagement im Bereich der Laboranalytik. AFZ Wald 72(2):13-14
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 265 kb
  7. Wellbrock N, Grüneberg E, Riedel T, Polley H (2017) Carbon stocks in tree biomass and soils of German forests. Cent Eur For J 63:105-112, DOI:10.1515/forj-2017-13
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 403 kb
  8. Stümer W, Freibauer A, Rüter S, Dunger K, Steuk J, Brötz J (2017) Chapter 10.5: Recalculations as a result of the 2016 In-Country Review. Climate Change 2017/14:719-724
  9. Stümer W, Freibauer A, Rüter S, Dunger K, Steuk J, Brötz J (2017) Chapter 11: Supplementary information required under Article 7, Paragraph 1 of the Kyoto Protocol. Climate Change 2017/14:725-762
  10. Freibauer A, Dunger K, Gensior A, Riedel T, Stümer W (2017) Chapter 19.4, Annex 3: Other detailed methodological descriptions for individual source or sink categories, including KPLULUCF activities, ther detailed methodological descriptions for the source/sink categorie "Land-use change and forestry" (4). Climate Change 2017/14:849-871

Results 1 - 10 of 880

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