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Intensive Forest Monitoring (Level II)

Stemflow sampling installation
Stemflow sampling installation (© Tanja Sanders)

The Level II monitoring as part of the International Co-operative Programme on the Assessment of Air Pollution Effects on Forests (ICP Forests) under the umbrella of the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP) is an essential complement to area-representative Level I monitoring (Crown condition assessment (WZE) and Soil survey (BZE)). It was invented in order to perform ecosystem-related studies on cause-effect relationships. In Germany data are at the moment on 68 sites for in total 12 surveys partly in high temporal resolution collected, quality checked, and feed into a data base at PCC of ICP Forests. This activities performed by the German federal states are covered since 01/01/2014 by federal regulation based on the federal forest law. The collected data are internally evaluated and as well provided for national and international studies. At the moment in- and output studies of forest ecosystems are performed. Standard evaluation routines are developed as well.


Survey freq
Crown condition annually
Foliar chemistry every 2 years (Level II)
Soil and soil chemistry every 10 - 15 years
Tree growth every 5 years
Ground vegetation every 5 - 10 years
Stand structure incl. deadwood test phase ongoing
Epiphytic lichens test phase ongoing
Soil solution chemistry continuously
Atmospheric depostition continuously
Ambient air quality continuously
Meteorology continuously
Phenology several times per year
Litterfall continuously
Remote sensing preferably at installation

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